The Bin-Dok Residential Range 

The Residential range features three enclosures that have been used in residential developments across Ireland. Ideal for private or terraced housing with no access to back gardens. The Residential Range was created in conjunction with our customer base who needed a solution to the storage of waste bins in residential developments.

Rather than creating a temporary solution to a problem that seemed permanent, Bin-Dok created an aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching solution that not only eliminated this problem - but added value to the property. The range now features three enclosures and we are currently in the R&D phase of expanding this range.

Our Four Stage Process

The Bin-Dok Enclosure Range was designed following a four stage process whereby we spoke to property developers, architects, landscape architects and homeowners across Ireland to discover what was most important to them when designing the enclosure range.

Across the board one common topic was obvious. Our customer base continually alluded to the eye-sore of bins at the side or at the front of the home and there was a consensus that if a product existed that combined an aesthetically pleasing design with the functionality of hiding bins in a manner which complemented their home - this would spark interest from developers, architects and homeowners. 

Customer Research

Take a Closer Look 

The Metropolitan

The Flagship Enclosure from Bin-Dok - a result of constant innovation and design from the Bin-Dok team.

The Suburban

An enclosure that has gained precedence in numerous residential developments across Ireland.


The Urban

The Urban - the perfect finishing touch for large scale residential developments.


Benefits and Features of the Bin-Dok Enclosure Range 

An unrivalled Bin Enclosure design ideal for your home or development


Limited Access

The Bin-Dok Enclosure Range is the ideal solution for private or terraced housing with little or no access to back gardens

User Friendly & Secure

The Enclosure range boast both safety and security with a lockable lid and gas rams for safety when opening and closing

The Ideal Solution

The combination of aesthetics and functionality ensures the Bin-Dok Enclosure range is the all encompassing solution for wheelie bin storage

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